St Phils Boot Sale

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An Absolute outrage! the St phils Car boot was cancelled because of severe weather stated by the met office!! Again like a bunch of baboons they got it all wrong! The weather is sunny & dry! a totally wasted boot sale day, due to a bunch of morons!!!
If any of the organisers had the sence to check the weather forecast prior to the bootsale they would of seen it was like today SUNNY & DRY!!!
We demand that the St. Phils boot sale should be re-scheduled in next few weeks!!
This is Absolutely disgraceful!!! Severe weather warnings what a load of TRIPE!!! today on the 15/11/09 the weather is SUNNY & DRY!!!!
I'm sure its not just us that is fuming about the cancelation, a whole load of sellers & buyers too!!
We demand st phils re-schedules the boot sale in the last few weeks of November!!!
Make sure the weather report is correct next time, get rid of the baboons at the met office & get some people behind those computers with a brain!!!
The Cancellation of the St phils boot sale was an Outrageous decision!!!